Ways to Spend a December Night

snickerdoodle cookies next to a pot of cocoa

Do you ever find yourself in your Austin, TX apartment stuck with nothing to do? When life gets busy with work or school, it can be difficult to find activities that you can participate in that don’t burn you out even further. In this week’s Barton’s Mill Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few ways you can spend your December nights!

Baking Cookies

If you’re at home with nothing to do, there’s always the option of baking. Baking is the perfect activity for a night in, you get to kill time as well as making yourself a sweet treat when you’re done! Whether you’re making cookies for yourself or as a small gesture for others, the cookies won’t go to waste! Try different kinds of recipes and find the one that works best for you!

Write some Thank You Notes

Take advantage of a night in by writing some thank you notes. Throughout the year, you’ve probably had a few people bless your life, so why not write them a thank you note to express your appreciation? These notes don’t have to be elaborate or long. Make them heartfelt and deliver them personally if you can. You’ll be surprised how a small note can change the life of someone you’re thanking.


Since it’s the season of giving, we recommend giving of your time to volunteer! Though it’s normal to be surrounded by friends and family, volunteering can open your eyes to the things going on in the world, especially the people who’re less fortunate than you are. Some places to consider volunteering at are soup kitchens and the food bank!

We hope you try out some of these activities and tell us what you think! If you’ve got some other ideas on how you can spend an evening, let us know about them by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!