Movies on Netflix

man on couch watching show on iPad

When you’re at home with nothing to do, turning Netflix on and enjoying a movie is a great way to spend a night or a weekend. Since there are so many movies and shows to watch, it’s difficult to know exactly what to choose. In this week’s Barton’s Mill Apartments, we’re sharing with you some of our picks on movies we think you should watch!


Definitely Maybe

Ryan Reynolds is great in this romantic comedy about a man recounting the tale of how he met his wife to his daughter. Definitely Maybe explores the complex world of relationships from the viewpoint of a man in the midst of a divorce, as well as the insight of his ten-year-old daughter. Is there really true love in a world of divorce? If you love movies about love and heartbreak, this is the movie for you!



Released in 2017, this Netflix Original stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department, but this isn’t the world you know. The world of Bright is one of fantasy with mythical creatures like orcs and magic. Follow Daryl Ward (Will Smith) as he is partnered with Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), a rookie orc police officer, and how they deal with the prejudices of society against orcs. Bright tackles social issues and racism with a modern take on the world of fantasy, plus the action scenes are nothing to scoff at!


Train to Busan

If you enjoy zombie apocalypse movies, you’re going to like this movie about a train to Busan. Follow the story of the passengers on this train as the zombie apocalypse unravels around them. Dangerous zombies, a train, and the human condition are all a part of this filmmaking masterpiece. What would you do in a situation like that?  


If we’ve missed any great movies, let our Austin, TX apartment community know by leaving a comment below!