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Comic Book super heros

Superheroes are all the rage now, evidenced by a large amount of Superhero movies that have shown up on the big screen in recent years. These heroes have a genesis, and many of them found their first appearances in comic books. To help you expand your comic book horizons, we’ve compiled a short list of comics that we particularly enjoy reading. Thanks for visiting this week’s post on the Barton’s Mill Apartments Blog.

V for Vendetta

This comic focuses on the vigilante “V” and Evey Hammond, a young lady who was saved by V. In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, V attempts to tear down the regime and impart justice to those who have played a part in the existence of such corruption. Be warned that this comic contains mature themes that may not be suitable for children. If you’re unable to read the comic, you can watch the film adaptation, there are differences, but many thematic elements remain the same.  

Civil War (2006-2007)

If you’ve watched the blockbuster hit Captain America: Civil War, you’ve seen a glimpse of this comic. This comic explores what happens when a catastrophic event forces a registration movement among superheroes and those who oppose having their identities widely known. Find out which of your favorite heroes are in favor of being registered and which ones aren’t!

The Dark Knight Returns

Heroes age and experience trauma that break their will to continue being vigilantes, such was the case with Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, until Bruce Wayne could take no more. Crime had become rampant since the retirement of the Batman, and Bruce Wayne suits up once again. Find out what happens when an older Batman gets back into fighting crime!

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